waitress: i'm sorry we're all out of mozzarella sticks
waitress: sir please stop cyring





Obama on gay adoption 


yeah totally ruining this country what a horrible guy

Fun fact: Obama has attempted to fix almost everything that he promised to fix, but the republicans have voted almost all of his bills out of congress. He’s not the problem.

That fact isn’t very fun

Focus on the dream, focus on the details, picture them, feel them. The TARDIS will track on your subconscious and extract the relevant information. It should be able to home in on the moment in your timeline when you first had that dream.


Killian Jones meme; 7 moments per episode [1/7] 

... o r  t i m e

my current top 25 ouat characters

7. mulan

The way to read a fairy tale is to throw yourself in.”


"I love ‘Frozen’! I am very close to my sister, so I don’t know how you could possibly be close to a sister and not love that movie."  – (x)

Sexy, pissed off Captain Hook!! Yeap, all good ^^ 

Storybrooke has frozen over.

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Storybrooke has frozen over.

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 ladies of the buffyverse 


Did you know at the set of Capitan America 2. Chris Evans couldn’t tell apart  Scarlett Johanson’s stunt doubles from her so he would start talking to them as in they were Scarlett and the stunt doubles played the game ” How long would it take Chris to figure out im not Scarlett” . Apparently the record was 10 minutes.